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LYS Review: Cottage Yarn

April 11, 2008

As promised, I am bringing you another review of a yarn shop and the yarny goodness that I got while I was visiting. The Charlotte Purls went to Cottage Yarn – and it will never be the same. Located on Mint Hill Matthews Rd (next door to my insurance agent), this shop is cute. Lots [...]

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LYS Review: Fuzzy Mabel

April 4, 2008

This week and next week I shall bring you a twofer. Yes, a yarn shop review AND Yarn Pr0n at the same time. Why? Well, because I have 2 to review and I always buy something from shops when I visit. A few weeks ago Cristi, May and I headed to Lancaster, SC, to an [...]

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Fun in the Sun…

October 23, 2007

Sunshine State that is (I mean come on, you all know I don’t go in the sun! The lupus and the fair skin – hell no – we are against looking like a leather suitcase later in life AND lupus lesions AND skin cancer!!! Pu on your sunscreen.) Oh, sorry about that…I guess I should [...]

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Asheville, thy name is heaven

June 30, 2007

Today Cristi and I met up and headed to Asheville, NC. We headed out after picking up beverages at Panera and after an uneventful, if not a bit longer than it should have been due to the other slower drivers, we arrived at Earthguild which was the reason for the 2+ hour drive to the [...]

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Episode 6: I have a concussion from falling off the yarn diet wagon

May 26, 2007

Yeah. I bought a lot of stuff. Not much of it was yarn, but that isn’t the point. It makes for a fun time of talking about all the stuff I am working on. Yarn bought:LimenViolet – The Cloak Maker (more this week, but I will talk about it next timeOnLine Yarns – Tondo in [...]

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Episode 3: OMG I need HELP!!!

April 7, 2007

So here are the show notes I promised. We shall see if I remember everything. Luckily I have notes however they are not in the order that I really talked in. Sorry about that. And I just heard there are some sound issues. See what happens when I change mics to one that is supposed [...]

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There and back again!

April 3, 2007

I have returned from LA where I took a trip to Unwind in burbank. I really enjoyed my trip in and I bought way too much yarn (but all for projects I already decided on). I will talk about the shop and the yarn in the next podcast!

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