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Candy iz good

February 22, 2008

The February Yarn Pirate shipment came and it is PERFECT for me! I Want Candy – 400 yards of merino tencel goodness! Pretty! I could seriously eat it up!

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Not your basic black!

February 8, 2008

When J.P. was in town over the weekend, he brought a little something to me. And it is too pretty not to share! Cristi, J.P. and I put in an order with BMFA and had it delivered to him with the promise that he would hand deliver it. And wow is all I can say. [...]

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The Plus One Addition

February 2, 2008

Yes, it is Saturday – shut up. We had stuff to do with JP arriving and my camera battery needing a charge. But it worked out as the plus one addition because this skein of yarn is really 2! Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop in the Skinny! 450 Yards of yummy superwash [...]

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Shaken with Three Olives!

January 25, 2008

Yarn Pirate Kalamata (you know like the olives…shut up, I know they aren’t the ones you put in martinis, that isn’t the point, I needed a title! LOOK MORE YARN!) Brown, green and this gorgeous purple! I think I had a moment with this yarn and browns aren’t really my thing, but this green and [...]

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Roses are always nice!

January 18, 2008

At least if it is the Ash and Roses colorway of Seacoast Handpaint Panda! I gifted a skein of this in another colorway to Cristi for her birthday and really needed to have some of my own after touching it. But I was a good girl and I waited… Then I saw it was in [...]

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Cherry Blossoms

January 11, 2008

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a skein of Cherry Tree Hill’s Cherry Blossom from The Loopy Ewe. 340 yards of Superwash Merino in Supersock DK. I haven’t worked with the DK weight of this yarn, so I am thrilled. I originally wanted it in the sockittome, but I waited too long. [...]

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Cold as Ice!

January 4, 2008

Well, that certainly describes me at the moment. My heat is currently cranking, but I got home from knitting on Wednesday night and my heat had stopped working mysteriously. Now, I waited until well into December to turn my heat on, so I was a little unhappy, but my management company didn’t alert my owner-friends [...]

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By the skin of my teeth…

December 28, 2007

I have been lazy so this is late. sorry. This is the last of the birthday yarn gifted to me by the amazing Remi of Charlotte Yarns. Wagtail Yarns Superfine Kid Mohair 4 ply in Sage Normally I don’t go for greens – I like green but I get distracted by the pink. but oh [...]

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Lifes a beach

December 21, 2007

Seacoast Handpainted Yarn Panda 60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon 400 glorious yards Calypso colorway

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Poison it is!

December 14, 2007

When you want to kill quietly, you use Poison. Apparently when you want to kill a knitter with lovely yarn, you do the same. Although I am pretty sure there was NOTHING quiet about me when I pulled this out of a my order from The Loopy Ewe. Wollmeise in colorway Poison Nr. 5! 574 [...]

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