Smiles and happiness through knitting in public

July 14, 2007

Harry Potter night usurped our normal Friday Night Mystery Stole night, but it was worth it. SO WORTH IT. Because I worked on Tomato in the theater. Tomato now has 2 sleeves and all the tails are woven in. That means the neckline is next. Wow – this has been a fast knit. I can’t [...]

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Episode 9 – No clever title here!

July 8, 2007

FO:Dream Swatch from Knit n Tonic – there are pics and talk about the pattern a couple posts back.Lotus Blossom Socks for the Hill Country Yarns Sock Contest Yarn: Hill Country Yarns Instant Gratification in Hot FusciaYardage: Well, I haven’t weighed my yarn to figure out how much I have left, but I have a [...]

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FairieKnits: Episode 8 – Fiber Clubs Don’t Count!

June 24, 2007

That’s right – Fiber Clubs don’t count on the yarn diet. Why? Well, other than the fact that I said so is because I joined 2. The Yarn Pirate Booty Club and the Poppy Flower Fibers Luxury Fiber Club. There are still spots in the Luxury Fiber Club, so you can still join and she [...]

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June 21, 2007

Went to Christi‘s to spin tonight. Had a great time. I hope to spin more. I am thinking about taking the wheel to the shop this weekend. *looks around* No WIP Wednesday!!! Yeah – well, since I am recording this weekend I got lazy. There will be some pics on the podcast notes. Maybe. If [...]

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Episode 7: NO YARN FOR ME!!! Wait, does roving count?

June 10, 2007

OK so I totally flaked on World Wide Knit in Public Day! I knit at home and napped. Lets face it, it was WAY too hot out for me! I am a Florida Girl, but the lupus has really zapped me in the heat! Check out some other knitting in public with Crimson Purl and [...]

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Episode 6: I have a concussion from falling off the yarn diet wagon

May 26, 2007

Yeah. I bought a lot of stuff. Not much of it was yarn, but that isn’t the point. It makes for a fun time of talking about all the stuff I am working on. Yarn bought:LimenViolet – The Cloak Maker (more this week, but I will talk about it next timeOnLine Yarns – Tondo in [...]

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new episode delayed

May 20, 2007

There was going to be a new episode this weekend, but, well, life happens. Tomorrow is out for recording, but maybe Tuesday. Or maybe I will just hold off and talk about the wonderment of my new wheel next weekend.

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more stuff…

May 17, 2007

I bought yarn. I am weak. But it is PRETTY and I can’t wait until it gets here. Today I also picked up the newest Simply Knitting magazine. Yeah, I hope to have a lot to say in the next podcast because I also bought a couple new books this time around. The yarn diet [...]

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Episode 5 – I bought (almost) no yarn!!

May 6, 2007

Show notes (woohoo!!) You can listen to the show via iTunes, the little link in the upper right of this blog or at fairieknits.podhoster.com You can email me at fairieknits@gmail.com if you would like.Excel spreadsheet came from katydidknits. WIPCandleflame Shawl from knitpicks.com – I will have this displayed at charlotte yarn eventuallyPinwheel sweater from elann.comLacey [...]

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my iPod hurts today

April 30, 2007

In the category of “research” I listen to podcasts. This is really because I can. I like to listen to people talk about knitting and I listen to a LOT of knitting podcasts. The thing is, that many of these have been going on for awhile and I am trying to start at the beginning [...]

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