handspun monday

That means I love you!

August 11, 2008

This yarn was part of my spinning for the Tour de Fleece – there is still one more to come! Roving: Falkland in colorway Eep Ork from Funky Carolina WPI: 10 Yardage: 212.5 The colors on this are fantastic and I really enjoyed spinning it up!

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Cherry Blossom Delight

July 31, 2008

I decided this year that I would do the Tour de Fleece again – I had a lot of fun last year and I learned a lot about my spinning, even though last year I only did 15 minutes a day. This year I did a little more – and here is the first of [...]

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July 29, 2008

So I went on a little trip to Maryland and while I was there I picked up some fiber from a little farm in NC. Cloverleaf Farms is not too far from here, but I went to MDS&W to get some of their roving. And I didn’t realize it until I was home Colorway: Sandstone [...]

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Very Keri

June 2, 2008

Just before The Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling, I got to know the blogless Keri (Ravelry link). She asked me if I would spin some yarn for her, I said sure! So this is Very Keri! Roving: Sakcel Merino in Cockles purchased at The Loopy Ewe. WIP – 10 Yards – 226 Keri wasn’t super specific [...]

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May 26, 2008

I have some finished handspun, but as it hasn’t been received by Keri, who commissioned it, I am not showing it yet – she wants to be surprised. Instead, I will show you the merino/tussah I am working on. The first 2 oz are on the bobbin and I need to find time for the [...]

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Pearly Gates

May 19, 2008

I really enjoyed spinning this up! It sort of makes me think of heaven. Seriously. I love it. Pink. Gray. White. Pretty. Roving: 4 oz of Mother of Pearl from The Dyeing Arts purchased at The Loopy Ewe Material: Superwash Merino Yardage: 235.44 WIP: 14 I think I need to move to the next whorl [...]

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Strawberry Shortcake

May 12, 2008

For my birthday, I was given 4 oz of gorgeous roving from Spritely Goods. I spun it up months ago and it sat on the bobbins waiting it’s turn to be plyed. Since MDS&W I have been doing a lot of spinning (so you will have AT LEAST one more week of handspun in your [...]

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Will wonders never cease?

April 14, 2008

I bet you didn’t think you would see any handspun on here again ever! But, I got some plying done this weekend on some roving I have had sitting around forever! 4oz of domestic wool from Poppy Flower Fibers in the Royal Flush colorway. This spun very nicely, but when I started to ply it, [...]

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Handspinning goodies

January 28, 2008

Awhile back I donated to Spin Out. I did it because it is a good thing to do – as a bonus I won one of the prizes! They got here this weekend! Thank you to SpinOff and Soak for sponsoring the event AND for providing prizes! First there is BABY ALPACA!!! yummy! 4 oz [...]

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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

January 21, 2008

While the rest of North Carolina was holed up in their warm homes waiting for snow, Cristi and I trekked up to Greensboro with vision of fiber dancing in our heads! Spinners Ridge (which I have previously spoken very fondly of) called and we couldn’t resist. Once there, we met up with Corey, her mom [...]

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