Flame On!

November 8, 2007

Yes, it is done. The Candleflame (please forgive the very bad Fantastic 4 reference there). Pattern: Candleflame Yarn: Elsebeth Levold Silky Wool (2.5 skeins)Needles: Denise US Size 8 Start: April 2008 Finish: October 2008Modifications: This pattern calls for lace weight. I made it in fingering weight and love it. I CO the number of stitches [...]

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The best laid plans of mice and men…

July 1, 2007

I had such lofty goals for today. 1) Knit Chart B of Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole2) Work on Candleflame.3) Bloack Lacey Lamb4) Finishing sleeve one of the pinwheel with the loop edge.5) spin the last bit of the roving I am working with6) work on the dream swatch7) house cleaning spend some time [...]

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WIP Wednesday

June 13, 2007

Well, Christi is doing this WIP Wednesday (along with Yarn PrOn Fridays and Handspun Mondays which I will participate in on occassion…ok – I plan to participate in Handspun Mondays) and because I like the sheep, well, I am following along. So, here are the current (re:active) WIPs. From closest to being done to farthest. [...]

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