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by Aimee on May 7, 2013

Wow – has it really been a year since I blogged?? What the heck is up with that -I have had so much go on the last year – I feel like I should update – so I will get on that. This is a long one, but you knitters will get something out of it if you keep reading (or skip to the 4th paragraph for what’s in this for you :)

My BFF, a sister in my heart, Danielle?, has breast cancer. Danielle has been with me through a lot. She is my best friend. She is an amazing woman, mother, sister, wife, friend. And right now, she is in chemo, working (not missing a day yet!), and raising Sloane – one of my amazing “nieces”. Her family has accepted me as part of the family. I love her, and them, as if I was born to them instead of meeting Danielle at a party – ok we didn’t meet AT the party because I was drunk in a corner, we met online after through the LOST fandom.

Danielle has insurance, thankfully – but her portion is pretty daunting. To help with that, her amazing sister Emily? started a YouCaring? site for her. I wish I had enough money to fund this (and my yarn habit, but hey I haven’t bought yarn other than to make things for the littles in YEARS! unless you count the chemo hats I am making Danielle). What I can do is tap into the amazing power of the knitters and crocheters out there.

If you help out on Danielle’s YouCaring site, I will do something for you – I will gift you any of my patterns that are available on Ravelry. For every $5 you donate I will give you another one of my patterns (so $5 = 1, $10 = 2, etc.)

Honestly, I know that money is tight for everyone. I will be thrilled if we can help with even $5 extra.

Here is the how to – There are 2 options for me figuring out what you are helping out with –

1 – Send me a copy of the receipt – I donated and got a receipt from PayPal it had none of my personal or payment information in it.

2 – When giving to the YouCaring, leave your name and the amount you are donating – and do not hide the information. You can use your Ravelry name if you would like.

You can either send it to me in Ravelry or in FB messages. In addition to that, tell me what pattern(s) of mine you want and how you want them – email, Ravelry gift, etc.

You can find me on Ravelry as funfairiegirl and view all of my currently available designs – there are a few that are in magazines or not self published – I can’t do those, but anything you can purchase through me on Ravelry is yours. Want to give the pattern as a gift, tell me who to send it to instead.

Ok that is just about it. Thank you to everyone for reading. I appreciate your time, if you have a few extra $, please think about this and I will send you a pattern in return. Please keep Danielle in your thoughts, prayers if you do them.

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