What I did with my summer…or why I haven’t blogged much

by Aimee on August 16, 2010

This summer I did two very big things. First – I finished my MBA in late May!


Then in late June I took the Senior Professional in Human Resources exam. And passed!!!


I won’t lie – it was hard. I have a full time job – which I work very hard at – and have been knitting. Plus, a lot of work and personal travel this spring and summer – so it was a lot of work on top of everything. And the exam – yikes. I almost got up and left in the middle I was so convinced I would fail.

I am very proud to have finished both – they were both goals that I had set for myself – so now I need to go find some new big life goals!

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brenda August 17, 2010 at 11:08 am


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