Pepsi Refresh Project

by Aimee on April 15, 2010

A few months ago I was looking for a source for fresh quality produce at a good price. There are a couple options here in Charlotte, and I picked Your Neighborhood Produce. For a couple of reasons – the price is great, you get a lot of veggies in your basket, and the produce is fresh, varied and good quality.

Small Basket

This is the smaller basket that I got this month – for $11.50 I got all that! It is amazing!

What is even more amazing is that Your Neighborhood Produce offers a Blessing Basket. For $17.50 one of the regular baskets (includes all the same stuff as the small basket but more of it) is donated to a local family.

Now … here is where you can do something to help without spending any money at all! Your Neighborhood Produce has entered in the Pepsi Refresh Project to provide fresh produce and nutrition guidance. From the Pepsi Refresh Project site:


* 100 baskets per month for 50 families for 1 year
* Nutritious food choices that would otherwise be cost prohibitive
* 50 families educated on the reduced risk of some chronic diseases when fruits and vegetables are a regular part of one’s diet
* Children of the above families more alert and able to learn at school with the addition of good nutrition in their diets
* Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables for families where “junk” food is easily accessible

Each family would get 2 baskets a month. These are local families in the Monroe, NC, area (just outside of Charlotte). If you have a minute, please go vote for this project (you will have to log in) and check out some of the other really cool projects. You can vote every day through April 30th and you get 10 votes a day to use on 10 different projects. The top 10 projects in the category will get funding.

Thanks! I hope that everyone can enjoy some healthy, fresh produce.

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