by Aimee on May 21, 2008

Yes it is Wednesday and that means I should be bringing you WIPs, but to be honest, I am sitting in a hotel room in Lynchburg, VA, and while I have my camera and cord and everything with me, the thought of pulling all that crap out tonight makes me sort of want to just get in bed and go to sleep. So instead, I will tell you about some yumminess I found this trip. Usually when I come to town I settle for room service or the hotel restaurant – but the last few times I ordered it just wasn’t that great, so I went out exploring!

To be fair, I have eaten at Main St Eatery before – once. But I went again last night. It is just a few blocks from the hotel I stay at here, so I got checked in, went to the hotel gym to work out and then I walked up the street to have dinner. Yum. I had the Breast of Chicken which was excellent and a nice glass of Reisling. It made me think of that time at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling when Leslie and I had a bottle of Reisling. mmmm. The chicken was moist, tender and well seasoned. The salad was great. The veggie of the day was carrots (one of my favs) and the sweet potato fries – well I wish I could say I didn’t eat them, but that would be a lie. They were good.

Now if I was a really good blogger I would have taken pictures of dinner, but really there is a line. I mean dining alone is one thing. Dining alone and knitting at your table – well you are bordering on plain weird. Dining alone, knitting AND taking pictures of your food? Yeah, they are probably going to haul you off to the nuthouse.

Main St has a great atmosphere, though listening to one of the regulars tell the bartender (and then the head chef) about his recent surgery left a little to be desired, overall the service was great and the food was fantastic.

So what was I going to do tonight? I mean I really planned to just go downstairs and knit while eating something eh. I made the last minute decision to head over to Machu Picchu - a little Peruvian place less than half a mile from here – I could have walked, but since it looked a little like rain and I wasn’t 100% sure of the sidewalk situation or where it was, I drove.

This place is great. It is tucked in the back next to another little place. The only downside to this place is that they don’t serve adult beverages, so water for me. But the waitress, Melissa, was awesome! She even asked about my knitting as she has done a little knitting herself. I was working on Twee and she loved it – though it really doesn’t look like much of anything right now. On her recommendation I had the Lomo Saltado – Salted Beef – uh – I don’t think I can tell you how good this was. Served over frech fries (weird, I know) with a side of rice, the beef is so tender it melts in your mouth and the peppers, onions and tomatoes it is cooked with are just delish! I mean I ate all of it (ok I left some of the fries, but I was being good). That goodness ended when she asked if I would like dessert. Since there wasn’t a margarita, I had cheesecake. Served on a plate with chocolate syrup. Good bye diet!!

While I miss my baby kitties, I am pleased that I branched out for a change and had something different. I love to eat at new places, and I don’t mind going out alone. Although it would have been fun to share tonight with a good friend and a good margarita (after dinner drinks, anyone?) it was a good time.

If you have made it this far, I have some news to share. No, I am not moving yet. But, I am officially re-enrolled in graduate school and start back next week. I am not sure what is transferring from my previous program yet, but I am getting started back and that is what matters. After I have the summer under my belt and maybe fall, I will be taking some French classes in addition to my MBA – all for the work. The new job is going very well. I started to “train” for the new duties today and I think I am really going to enjoy it – I am transitioning a lot of my old work out already, which is nice, and picking up new things. All in all, this has been a good, productive trip.

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Jen May 21, 2008 at 7:34 pm

happy times. I myself ate out at a restaurant for the first time by myself on Monday. And I realized something, once you stop worrying about what everyone will think (poor loser) and start worrying about dessert, it’s really not that bad. Of course, I was back on my home terf in Athens….but I’m still glad I did it. It’s good to hear that so many things are working out so well for you too.

Dani May 22, 2008 at 5:48 am

The only words I can come up with aren’t words at all – very big happy smiles! Im excited for the re-enrollment and thrilled that the new work stuff is going so well.

The places you picked to eat sound really nice too!

LittleWit May 22, 2008 at 9:01 am

Sounds like a good trip. At least the places around your hotel have good food, DC leaves a lot to be desired in the good food category. Are there no yarn shops in Lynchburg? Perhaps someone should remedy this so that you may get thee to a knit night. ;)

Leslie May 22, 2008 at 12:16 pm

Mmmmm…that dinner sounds lovely. And I’m so happy that you’re starting school again! Yay for you!

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