Goodies for Ewe!

by Aimee on May 2, 2008

Oh, the Spring Fling would have been totally worth it even if I hadn’t gotten a goodie bag, but OMG the goodie bag ROCKED!!!!

TLE Spring Fling 034
First there was a super awesome bag. When they said goodie bag, I thought it would be like a plastic shopping bag with stuff in it – uh NO! This thing rocks!!! It has cool pockets and zippers and a shoulder strap!

TLE Spring Fling 035
In the bag was a great page holder with 2 patterns – one from Wendy and one from Cookie – each available to those of us at the fling first! I hear they will be available for sale soon, so you won’t miss out!

TLE Spring Fling 037
A jar of Everything Balm from Goodies Unlimited - and when they say everything, they aren’t kidding!!! I will be ordering some more of her stuff soon!

TLE Spring Fling 038
While I own the water bottle and the coffee travel mug, the actual coffee mug came in the bag! This is so awesome esp. since they aren’t available at The Loopy Ewe - they are just too hard to ship – sad, but true – the inside is black!!

TLE Spring Fling 039
There was a bag of Loopy Kisses – we love Loopy Kisses!!

TLE Spring Fling 040
There was a pattern and super swag from Cherry Tree Hill!

TLE Spring Fling 043
This gorgous teal

TLE Spring Fling 044
and a pretty lilac!

TLE Spring Fling 042
And this beauty from Claudia Handpaints!

But I am pretty sure you don’t care about any of that, you want the good stuff!
TLE Spring Fling 045
Die Auster – Spring Fling – dyed by the amazing Claudia of wollmeise just for those of us there!
TLE Spring Fling 046
I talked to her for a moment about the colorway and she said this is her first “soft” colorway – I see many in her future – this is just beautiful!
TLE Spring Fling 047
More than the yarn, though, Claudia is a joy to be around and I feel so lucky to have had time to get to know her for her and not just for her yarn!
TLE Spring Fling 048
I mean how can you not love a fun lady who flies all the way here to hang out with us? She was fantastic – her yarn was an unexpected bonus!

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LittleWit May 2, 2008 at 10:17 am

Oooooooo pretty and practical! :) Some day soon I will have to suck it up and splurge on fun knitting retreats.

Zonda May 2, 2008 at 10:47 pm

Great yarns and swag! How cool to meet Claudia too!

Brittany Newberry May 4, 2008 at 7:12 pm


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