LYS Review: Cottage Yarn

by Aimee on April 11, 2008

As promised, I am bringing you another review of a yarn shop and the yarny goodness that I got while I was visiting.
Cottage Yarn 004
The Charlotte Purls went to Cottage Yarn - and it will never be the same. Located on Mint Hill Matthews Rd (next door to my insurance agent), this shop is cute. Lots of rooms stuffed with yarn.
Cottage Yarn 001
Lots and lots of stuff. and lots and lots of knitters!!
Cottage Yarn 002
Cottage Yarn 003
It was a beautiful day out, so Dani and I caught a little sun and sat on the steps knitting!
Enough about that though, you want to know about the yarn!
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 001
mmmmmMalabrigo in Prink Frost.
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 003
Yes, I already own this colorway in lace weight. But I bought a sweaters worth for the Back to School vest (Ravelry link) from Fitted Knits (here is to hoping that goes better than the last thing from that book!)
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 004
I took the pictures outside at the shop because it was such a beautiful day out!
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 005
I also bought that cute Knit tshirt that I was wearing in yesterday’s post while I was there and a Clover Pom Pom maker.
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 006
But really it is all about the yarn. Maybe I need to knit this right now!
YPF Malabrigo Pink Frost 007
This shop has a great yarn selection! And a really nice clearance section out on “The Porch”.

Cute shop, nice website. The owner was great and there is a fantastic yarn selection, so what more can you ask for. A bit out of town for those of us who live IN Charlotte, but really I think it only took me MAYBE 40 minutes to get home on the highway. Check it out!

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