Attention idiots in Huntersville

by Aimee on April 9, 2008

We interrupt your day to bring you this Public Service Announcement.

To those of you who are thinking that a high speed chase is the way out of whatever it is you did wrong:

IT ISN’T. It never ends well for you. Never. Not only are there a swarm of cops following you – but um – in this day and age there are helicopters. Not only police helicopters (which can do fancy pants things like track you at night with infrared cameras and heat signature thingies), but news helicopters (who follow you for the ratings). Plus, after you get caught they are going to drag you around on the street (like a little rag doll, it was sort of amusing).

Really, just pull over and take the consequences as they are lower than the added charges of evading and stuff. No matter what you did, it isn’t worth endangering the lives of other people AND you look like total tools. And – I don’t even know what you did to need to have a chase, wreck the truck you were in when you fishtailed the trailer with a lawn mower on the back (and really, seriously, who doesn’t know THAT isn’t going to end well), or then the THREE of you jump out of the truck and run, but I bet it wasn’t worth it.

No love (cause you interrupted The View with your pathetic chase – but at least you didn’t screw up the Eddie Izzard segment, just the Trisha Yearwood one I didn’t care about),

PS – it is beautiful outside today…why are you all wearing heaving hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up? Oh wait, cause you think you can hide your identity from the cops that way. Riiiiiiight.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog about yarn and other goodies.

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Brittany Newberry April 13, 2008 at 6:55 am

Heh, heh………yeah………TOOLS! Haha! People are so lame sometimes.

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