You Spin Me Right Round, Baby!

by Aimee on January 21, 2008

While the rest of North Carolina was holed up in their warm homes waiting for snow, Cristi and I trekked up to Greensboro with vision of fiber dancing in our heads! Spinners Ridge (which I have previously spoken very fondly of) called and we couldn’t resist.

Once there, we met up with Corey, her mom and Gannet. there are no pictures to prove it. Get over it. There was a lot of fiber to be touched.

And then there were drop spindles and I said “Tina, are these (pointing at the Louets and Ashfords) all you have??” Why no, no they weren’t. A Bosworth spindle of prettiness and some roving that looks like cotton candy later…

Handspun Monday 01212007 005

(excuse the bad pics, I had to go to the office today so I missed the sunlight as I was in before it was up and home after it was down!)

Handspun Monday 01212007 004

And then I got a quick spinning lesson and actually spun on a spindle. I seriously got rid of my other one because I couldn’t get it – this one…ooooo….

Handspun Monday 01212007 001

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gannet January 27, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Yay! I had so much fun on this trip. It was a huge help to my spinning.

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