I got something…just not spinning

by Aimee on January 7, 2008

I haven’t done anything on the spinning front, so I thought I would show you what I THINK I will spin next.

Handspun Monday 01072008 008

Fleece Artist in the same (unmarked name) colorway in both Kid Sliver (100% Kid Mohair) and Blue Face Leicester. 50g each.

Handspun Monday 01072008 007

I have to decide if I am going to card this together and spin it or spin each on its own and then ply it together. I did buy these to go together when I was at SAFF. What do you think I should do??

Handspun Monday 01072008 005

Somehow I managed to not capture the subtle blue in this colorway – I love the mix of the natural, pink and blue and I can’t wait to spin this up.

This weekend was action packed. We went to see Gunther Van Hagen’s Body Worlds on Sunday. It was super interesting – probably the most interesting part was the human growth section which showed the growth of an embryo from 4 weeks all the way up to the 8 month fetus inside his mother’s preserved body. (All of these were taken from science donations of women who donated their bodies to science and were pregnant at the time of their death so please don’t email me that I am a terrible person for thinking this was fascinating – I admit the woman and baby was sad). We saw a lot of exposed man parts.

There are no pics cause we weren’t allowed, but Cristi, Corey and I went to the dinosaur exhibit and snapped this for you! A special thanks to Corey’s husband who came with us.

Big foot!

Hey, Corey, where are your hand knit socks, hon??

And there was a beautiful parrot in the rainforest exhibit.

Parrot at Discovery Place

And a python I caught yawning when I was taking pictures for Cristi – hopefully she put those up because WOW!

So – what fun and exciting things did you do this weekend?

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KnitDiva January 7, 2008 at 11:10 pm

As it is, I only have one pair of hand-knit socks that are mine. The other pairs that have been knit are for other people. But that will be shortly remedied since I have all that delicious yarn from Loopy Ewe!!! And your fibers are lovely!! I don’t know the first thing about spinning so I won’t even try to give you advice!!!

turtlegirl76 January 8, 2008 at 7:08 am

I’d spin separately and ply them together.If you want to try a 3 ply, you could always take a third of each and card that together, then ply each of the three together.

deborah January 14, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Wow – Love the “Cherry Blossom!”

I’ve been to Body World 3 times in various locations, and will probably see the newest version on the brain this weekend. Fantastic, isn’t it? It feels somehow sacred in those halls.

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