Progress? eh.

by Aimee on December 19, 2007

So with Christmas knitting I have not gotten as much done on my other projects.

WIP Wed 12192007 003

But I have gotten a little further on Butterfly!

Oh – and then there is this…

WIP Wed 12192007 004

I CO for Sursa by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. Fleece Artist Scotian Silk and Malabrigo mmmmmmm….

Ummm...forget us?

Hey, mom? Can you stop knitting and come love us now?

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Jen December 19, 2007 at 7:56 pm

I see you have finally succumbed to the whoring for comments by posting regularly about your cats too. That’s why I visit knitting blogs-to check out everyone else’s pets.

Also, you are doing great on the Christmas knitting. My Christmas knitting mojo has vanished. I am hoping it returns with the gifts of yarn I KNOW I will recieve. I know I’ll receive them because a) I saw that packages in the mail b) I picked some of it out at SAFF and c) I will momre than likely use my Christmas money to buy more.

Carol December 20, 2007 at 7:34 pm

At least you rkitties ASK for the attention. Raven just jumps up/on/in whatever I am working on….not always a good thing, I tell ya!

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