Itty-Bitty-Booty Stash Sale

by Aimee on November 27, 2007

See this face??

No. Not Travis. The cutie ON Travis. Bitty.

Bitty belongs to one of my favorite people EVER, Alyson and her HILF, Travis. (OK – not really, I am not that kind of girl, but May said it at SAFF and it made us all laugh our asses off! and then Cristi tried to steal him)

Bitty has a little problem and needed surgery today. So, Alyson is de-stashing to help offset the cost. Seriously. Go now! Cause she has some cool ass stuff AND Bitty needed surgery!

Bitty is recovering well at the moment, but her minions are a little worried about how they are going to get her out of hock AND still feed her and Brodie.

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