Special Lupus Colorway!

by Aimee on October 5, 2007

I am proud to kick off this week’s prize patrol with a beautiful special edition colorway from Lyndsy Jane! Her best friend also has Lupus, so she created this colorway just for this walk! She is sending some over for me to give out as a prize, BUT you can buy it too! OOOOOOOO!!!

The Roving is BFL (yes BFL – go ahead and squee!) and hand painted. The yarn is 75 wool/25 nylon blend. However, Lyndsy Jane is custom dyeing these items and will dye them for you in 100% Merino if you ask her nicely – visit her shop for the details.

Every purchase of this special colorway benefits the walk as Lyndsy Jane is donating $2 of each purchase to the walk! Thank you soooooooo much!!!! I totally plan to buy some of my own, because well, its got pink, its got purple and you all know I want to support the walk!!!!

(OK – so this week we are doing something a little different. Cristi suggested that there is no such thing as too many posts…let me know what you think as I was trying not to spam – this week we are going to do individual prize posts…)

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Virtuous September 18, 2007 at 6:18 am

No such thing as too many posts! This is YOUR blog!!

2 things you must tell me – how does feedburner work?? (and it messed up me directly linking to this post so I had to just go to your blog 1st) – Do you get moola with feedburner I’ve been trying to figure that out.

And 2nd how do you “post date” a blog entry???

Okay enough of blog business I love that colorway good stuff!

baby face September 28, 2007 at 1:36 pm

Dear Aimee,
I’m not even sure that I got your name right. I’m going to send you
an e-mail. I want to contribute
to the Lupus Walk. I cannot buy
any more yarn at this time, however, I will check back. I think it is a wonderful thing that
you are doing.

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