Markers and Counters!!!

by Aimee on October 6, 2007

These beautiful stitch markers come to us from Mary of Stitchin’ Caps for Kids. They are amde of square milifiore glass beads and are 6 in the set.

And now we have something from me. Cristi was sweet enough to teach me how to make stitch markers and row counters, so here we have mine. They are not nearly as great as the others, but hey, I tried :)

The row counter is great (and I have one just like it). It features clasps that don’t come apart as you are knitting.

Prizes Row Counter

Next is a set of lettered stitch markers for use with the new Cat Borhdi book. Yeah – I need to rework E and I will get to that before I sent them out (A didn’t want E to be the only weirdo!).

Prizes Cat Borhdi stitch markers

Similar (and better put together) stitch markers and row counters can be found on Cristi‘s etsy shop. I am still learning…hers are very professional. And yeah, this is a pimp for my friend since she is WALKING with me this weekend! Thank you, Cristi.

$2690 raised as of now!

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