Fun in the Sun…

by Aimee on October 23, 2007

Sunshine State that is (I mean come on, you all know I don’t go in the sun! The lupus and the fair skin – hell no – we are against looking like a leather suitcase later in life AND lupus lesions AND skin cancer!!! Pu on your sunscreen.) Oh, sorry about that…I guess I should get to the real content of this post…

I spent last week in Orlando for a training that work sent me to. It was fun!

The dogs

Piper and Bingo were sad when I left to head to the hotel!

First, I went to a Yarn Shop. This was the best of what that shop had. Seriously. It was a joke. Now, if you are into cross stitch and needlepoint, I think that shop was probably great, but it had the most pathetic knitting selection ever.
Universal Yarns Sad Koigu
Linen Tweed in Pink! The Saddest Koigu selection EVER! 3 skeins. Only 2 matched. And the one Namaste bag…
I won’t tell you the name of that shop. It wasn’t worth going to. I begged Alyson to tell me somewhere else to go. We will get to that later! After hitting the saddest yarn shop EVER I went to the Ren Resort Orlando over by Sea World!

My RoomThey knew...ViewThe Atrium Waterfall
My room was fantastic! It had a sitting area with comfy chairs (perfect for knitting!) and a GREAT view of the Atrium! There was a great waterfall in the Atrium! Nice hotel!

Wednesday was a big day – with almost no pictures. I had Thai with Matt and then headed for Mexican with Alyson! The Mexican place had half price margaritas until 7 – so we had a REALLY expensive one and then a cheaper one after. And it was right next to M&M World where I took the only picture of the day…

fairy chocolate

Its a fairy m&m pink hat…perfection!

Thursday my training ended and I checked out of the hotel. My good friends Andy and Mel were in town from Alabama so we met over at the Hard Rock for dinner and then went on to Halloween Horror Nights to meet up with Matt. We saw Matt for about 3 seconds. We mostly rode rides and did some walking around. We didn’t make it into a single haunt. The lines were insane, but we had a BLAST!!!

MelAndy at Hard Rock

MelAndy at dinner

Rock n Roll Spindle??

I think I knit too much…I originally read this as ‘Rock n Roll SPINDLE’

Uh oh, they are after me!!Mel's...

They were after me! And should have been after Mel!!!!

I headed back to Mom’s for the rest of the weekend. Friday I took her over to Sip & Knit! Now, this is a GREAT yarn shop. Open, nice, lots of selection!
Sip & KnitSip & Knit
I talked to the person working for awhile (I think she was the owner, though I am not sure) and some locals who came through. I made mom touch a lot of yarn.
And finally, because I can’t post the dogs and not the kitty…here is Allie. She is a tortie who is def full of ‘tude. She is sweet…when she wants to be. It was just like being at home with Eva. There is another cat (Nadia), an african grey parrot and a bearded dragon, but I didn’t get pics of the rest of the zoo.


Just because you are home, doesn’t mean I will give up lunch to snuggle you!!
That just about wraps it up. We had a blast. I ADORE Alyson and I can’t wait to see her this weekend at SAFF!!!

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Alyson October 23, 2007 at 5:34 pm

WOOOO! We gonna have a good ol’ time! Yay!!!!!!

(If I don’t throw up. Gah! GAH!!!)

Becca October 23, 2007 at 5:43 pm

How cool! That hotel is the one that DH & I stayed at on our honeymoon. It was called something else back then, but I recognize the blue trim and that atrium. I haven’t been to any Orlando yarn stores yet, but I’ll have to check out Sip & Knit someday. Have fun at SAFF.

Virtuous October 23, 2007 at 6:47 pm

Glad you had a fab trip! I have “yet” to dine at a Hard Rock Cafe! :o )

Ooh that LYS looked fab!

Have fun at SAFF!

Jen October 23, 2007 at 6:49 pm

i so want that sheep.

turtlegirl76 October 23, 2007 at 9:54 pm

Ok so lemme get this straight. NEITHER of you remembered to take pics? OK that’s it. I officially don’t believe you met. You speak of margaritas and fun being had. I don’t believe you. Boo hiss! Bad blogger!

Melvina September 1, 2014 at 8:27 pm

That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for cogtirbutinn.

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