Crazy Aunt Purl, WendyKnits and a BagSmith Bag

by Aimee on October 6, 2007

HOLY MOLY! As of today we have raised ALMOST $1500 (just a couple dollars shy). And today I have some HUGE prize announcements!!!

In no particular order – because they are all FANTASTIC -

I would like to thank WendyKnits! She has generously donated an entire set of her published patterns! These patterns have taken the sock knitting world by STORM and The Loopy Ewe has been selling out of them for weeks!


One lucky winner will receive ALL THIRTEEN of these SIGNED BY WENDY patterns. I don’t know about you, but I love Wendy’s blog (and Rozz has a major crush on Lucy!) and her patterns and I am SO excited that she has donated these to the prize vault!

When I opened my mail today and had Wendy’s patterns I didn’t think ANYTHING could make my day better … and then I got to the envelope from Laurie.


Yes folks. That is a signed copy of Crazy Aunt Purl’s new book! And I have it here for one of you to win! I can’t believe all the amazing things that have come in for this! Laurie is an AMAZING woman who I love reading! And sometimes she knits too :) Thank you, Laurie. I really appreciate your support!

Lastly today we have a BagSmith Project bag donated by Rainy Day Creations. The ladies at Rainy Day are amazing! The shop is right around the corner from me (OK – 10 minutes) in downtown Pineville, NC, and I really encourage you to drop by.

Rainy Day Creations

The Rainy Day ladies are also holding a charity event on October 13th from 10-4! A light lunch will be provided and there will be free classes on techniques we all want to learn. I will be there (not that anyone cares that I will be there, but I will) and I encourage you to come – there will be a lot of charities there that are accepting knitted items. Please go check out all the information on their site!!! I have a FANTASTIC flyer for this if you email me I will send it to you :) I was going to post it, but technology and I aren’t getting along today.

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Calling on Kahlo September 27, 2007 at 8:27 pm

That is awesome! Congrats on all the donated prizes and funds!

baby face September 29, 2007 at 7:14 am

I just wanted to commend you on
what you are doing for the Walk
for Lupus. They have very little
money for research for this disease
and people don’t know very much
about it. I have e-mailed you. You
don’t have to respond if you do not
choose to. Also the colors are

Carly September 30, 2007 at 12:13 pm

I think what you are doing is brilliant. (The whole thing, not just the prizes) Just thought I’d share. :)

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