Ass Watch Wednesday – The hot and the funny

by Aimee on October 3, 2007

Well, since JenLa said so…here we have Ass Watch Wednesday. Today we have NICE ass! I am going to try to bring you some ass every week this month! Woohoo.

This picture was shamelessly stolen from my friend Andy and features his SUPERHOTWIFE Mel and our SUPERHOTFRIEND Becky (if you know a nice girl, she is fun, hot and single!!!). Excuse the pixalation – I had to steal this shot from Andy. He loves me, he won’t mind.

In funny ass – also stolen from Andy – but since I am in it I think its ok. So there I am with ass back. GOD. But that isn’t the funny thing…the funny thing is that Bob seems to be appearing OUT of Nikki’s ass. and doing something weird with his hand.

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