WIP Wednesday – The Project Bigamy Version

by Aimee on September 19, 2007

Project Monogamy is on and off again. I was very good for 2 and a half weeks of only working on one project at a time. When I picked up the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan, I knew it was over. I did, in fairness, work on only this from last Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon. When last you saw this beauty she was just above the arms. Now I am down to the cables at the bottom of the body. WOOHOO! Still have the arms and button band after this, but I can SEE IT!

On Sunday, I decided I needed socks on the needles too, since EB is really too big to take anywhere. Incidently I took some pics of some beautiful knee highs for Cristi on Saturday. And I happened to have some yarn I thought would make a great pair of SUPER COMFY knee highs. .

Why yes, that is a finished knee high and a toe. Since Sunday night I have cranked out an entire knee high and a toe (the toe is pictured as I left it last night, but it is now DONE!) Since we are going to see the Yarn Harlot today, I expect to be quite a ways up the foot and leg of number 2 by tonight. We may have a FO by the end of the weekend.

I mentioned the yarn. Well, it is the Fiesta Yarns Baby Boom. Ummmm…I am in LOVE. I have a skein of the Boomerang and had been coveting the Baby Boom. Well, now I have it and I love it. It takes 2 skeins to make a pair of socks (each skein is 220 yards), but as you can see, 2 skeins can make a pair of knee highs. See those 2 little scraps? That is all I have left from skein one. No, I am not kidding. I used every single bit I could squeeze out.

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Virtuous September 19, 2007 at 5:40 pm

OOh you made some nice progress on your cardi!

And I love that the knee highs are in purple!!!

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