Tuesday in paradise

by Aimee on September 18, 2007

Today there should have been a post of a new item. But by the time I got out of meetings and then picked up my now happy again car* and came home and snuggled with Rozz (because he has been extremely lap kitty this week) and then accidently napped, well, there was no decent light. Yeah, I suck, but there were 2 items yesterday and I promise something tomorrow MORNING – as well as a WIP Wednesday post. Sound like a deal?

Good because Rozz just informed me that my typing is getting in the way of his sitting in my lap, so I must stop now.

*My car was in the shop for almost 2 weeks. Tomorrow would have been 2 weeks and now I have my sweet baby car back. YAYCAR!!!! I should tell you how much I hated the rental. How is sucked gas. How it was terrible. But instead I just say YAYCAR!!!!

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