Practicing Project Monogamy

by Aimee on September 5, 2007

For those of you who listen to the mild mannered podcast…this post will contain graphic language.

First of all, I would like to say that seeing Tattoo Boyfriend on vacation this past weekend was AMAZING and we had a great time. Nothing that happened to make this weekend suck tons of ass were because we are anything but happy. Dragon*Con, while packed, was still a lot of fun and we had good times with friends we don’t get to see nearly enough.

Next, I would like to say a big FUCK YOU to the crackhead who did this….

(well, the broken window part anyway. Tattoo Boyfriend was sweet enough to cover my window for the drive home)

and this…
To my pretty little car. Yes, you can see some Yarn Pirate in that picture. There is more damage, but this is all I can handle right now.

What was taken, you ask? Well, Tattoo Boyfriend had thrown his camera bag in the back seat and UNDER a bunch of stuff. That was all they took. Because the idiot crackhead didn’t try to unlock the door after breaking the window, only pull things out of the broken window after trying to PRY MY DOORS open. ASSHATS! My car is at the shop now and it will be sometime late next week before I get it back.

Next, fuck you to the ATL PD dispatcher. She told me that she would call a car and as soon as one was available they would be there. The guys were ready to drive 15 hours home and I was ready to drive 4. I was sick and tired and sad that I was parting with Tattoo Boyfriend (no, I didn’t cry that I had to leave him, yes, I did cry that my pretty car was defiled – I had promised him no crying that we were leaving – I was too stressed about the car and the camera to be upset about anything else). Eventually (almost 2 hours later) we noticed a (very nice) police officer on the street below us, so we went down and asked him to find out what the deal was. He pointed us to another officer who, it turned out, was on foot patrol on that block the whole fucking time!!!!!!! The boys could have been on the road HOURS before, but NO! (It was very sweet of them to wait for me, I did try to get them to at least go inside, but all 4 of them stayed with me. We expect this of Tattoo Boyfriend since he is the sweetest guy EVER, but his brother and 2 friends didn’t have to stand out in the Atlanta heat sweating their asses off with us).

Enough of that. *takes deep breaths* I can’t get all worked up over it again. Must see socks.

I have been practicing project monogamy since last Wednesday when I put all my WIPs in time out. I have not worked on FiFi. I have not worked on Boyfriend Socks. I have not worked on anything I had on my needles this time last week. So, what I have I been doing? Meet my new pretty.

This is my first Rushing Rivulet sock in the Riverbed Sock Architecture from the new Cat Bordhi book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Thoughts on this sock are that it is weird looking when it isn’t on your foot. It looks a bit deformed as the increases are done across the sole, but it is comfy!!! I will finish the second sock and then move back to something else. The yarn is Yarn Pirate Booty Club in Calamity (superwash BFL, baybee).

Oh – and I have some kind of crud thanks to the crapass AC in our room at the Marriott which pumped out cold wet air all weekend. And fuck you flickr for getting a “massage” all afternoon instead of letting me upload my photos. And fuck you crackheads. And fuck you, evil bitch who was mean to me this weekend.

Things we are happy about other than the sock and Tattoo Boyfriend???

If you like the Misfits, you will LOVE Calabrese!!! Had they opened for the Misfits, they would have put the Misfits to shame. Seriously. I think I have a little crush on the drummer. I looked at Tattoo Boyfriend and told him it was a good thing I loved him cause I thought I was falling for the drummer. We picked up their CDs and a couple of buttons before the show and the show rocked. (FUCK YOU HYATT that it was -4 Kelvins in that ballroom and my nether regions froze solid while we were in there!!!) Tattoo Boyfriend rushed the stage with everyone else AND had a good time in the pit. He was adorable. The Pit Daddy (as I now call this guy) helped a brand new punk kid learn the art of the pit – it was a very friendly crowd. Only at D*C can you see a guy in a loin cloth in a mosh pit.

Ummmm….I got a signed copy of The Last Unicorn (and Peter Beagle tried to look down my top – ewwww).

Oh – I bought a new corset.

I have been told that I didn’t have back fat really, it is just that DJ Kaidy is leaning on me funny.

And here is CapnBob of Lost Rhapsody fame. I did his hair for him that morning. He was a lovely roommate to have. There are other highlights, but this is getting rather long and I am pretty sure you don’t care. I did knit through the entire Ellen Muth panel. Also, the panel I was on for Jericho. And while waiting in line to get Ellen’s autograph for Tattoo Boyfriend’s niece. Lots of talking about knitting happened.

Hopefully I will have enough of my voice back and the cough and sniffles gone to podcast this weekend.

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Virtuous September 5, 2007 at 8:24 pm

Hey I heard about the car and that BITES! It really does I can feel your rage and don’t blame you!!

BUT YAH for spending some wonderful time with Tattoo boyfriend! WHOA!

If he is a sweetie it doesn’t surprise me his friends are too!

Glad you got back safely!

And LOL! I was looking at the yarn in your car! Haha!

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