Gas stations and getting lost

by Aimee on September 20, 2007

The drive TO Atlanta was uneventful. Cristi and I stopped at Taco Bell just south of Gastonia and we got to Atlanta in good time and Olivia’s directions were GREAT (hence we got through the highlands with NO issues).

The way home was not so uneventful.

First we stopped at a gas station in middleofnowhere GA. The gas station was clean (we didn’t go in the bathrooms though, so I can’t tell you if they were) and the staff was nice. Interesting, but nice. (I learned WAY too much about the off duty cashier and her “tall boy” waiting for her at the hotel.

Thing is, we were in GA and Dulcedosa asked us to get her a Georgia magnet for her collection (ummmm…I see no pics of said collection, so I don’t think it exists).

Magnets of states we are no where near

You will notice that there are NO Georgia magnets in this picture. There are magnets for her homestate (and soon mine too) Missouri. And Utah. And a Hawaii for crying out loud. But not a damn Georgia in site. Finally we found them in a LOCKED GLASS CASE. Apparently GA magnets and minifakeporcelain bells are prized possessions there.

While there, we were hit on. Yeah. I was off grabbing some peanuts (because the healthiest dinner ever was had last night at almost 11 pm – peanuts, beef jerky and coffe) I got some “psst. hey, girl!” calls. ummmm…I don’t even look like a hooker. Cristi got it when she went to the back to get some headache meds. We made it out in one piece.

Then we stopped in Inman SC for gas. Now, a couple weeks ago I stopped at this same stop and got lost getting back on the highway. Apparently you can only go south from that direction and we wanted north. I mention this. We pass south. there is no north, we turn around. We get on what we THINK is 85N but it isn’t and we have to make a quick left turn onto another road that took us to the highway. I said it last night and I say it now – FUCK YOU INMAN SC and your badly signed highway information!!!

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