Where’s the handspun at??

by Aimee on August 6, 2007

I have to admit that I haven’t really been a good spinner this week. With the end of the Tour de Fleece, I have taken a teeny tiny break from my spinning. Not that I am over it, but I needed to catch up on some knitting (I mean I do have something like 3 million WIPs right now), laundry and sleep. I would say I was catching up on housework, as well, but that would be a lie. The house is a wreck of fiber and junk mail. *looks about* Too bad I have all this knitting. Guess it will get cleaned up as I pack it up.

Anyway…no handspun today, so instead I will give you piccies of my babies. About a week ago I snapped these shots of the monsters. They are a little tough to get pics of. My camera makes noise when you turn it on or zoom, so by the time you are ready to snap a shot, they have moved/run/hidden/don’t look as cute. Tattoo Boyfriend’s camera is a digital SLR, so we are excited to work with that instead of my (perfectly acceptable) Fuji Finepix something or another which isn’t as quiet as his. Though his is more fiddly. The only time I have used it was under the influence of buckets of Corona (yes, buckets. A couple of the friends starting buying buckets and sharing around…we participated *sigh*)

First, we have Rozz (no, I usually don’t make the bed…I used to, now I have more important things to do, like knit).

I have long known that he loves to burrow under the covers and nap during the day. I frequently find him there tucked under. On this particular day, I came upstairs and he just partly covered up. When I grabbed the camera (and turned it on in the other room), he just looked at me while I took his picture. Isn’t he a handsome boy??

About an hour later, I came back upstairs for something or another and snapped this pic of Eva.

Notice she is laying EXACTLY where Rozz had been. Not sure if he left and she got up there or if she pushed him out, but it was amusing to me that she was in the same spot he had been in. Pretty pretty princess that she is.

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Calling on Kahlo August 7, 2007 at 10:01 pm

I love how the kitties nap under the covers. Only one of my babies does that. Cute kitties!

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