The Blackhole Edition

by Aimee on August 1, 2007

Well, its WIP Wednesday and I bet you are hoping for some progress pics? Well, there are none? Why? Well, I have been project faithful (mostly). I have only completed another couple rows on the mystery stole, but have mostly been working on the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan.
I am in the blackhole of knitting on this project. I feel like I have been knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting(and really, I have – I worked on it for almost 3 hours on Monday night and another hour since) and I still haven’t split off the sleeves. It looks great, just exactly the same…and it will for atleast another 10 increase rows or something…so no pics.

Then last weekend I decided that I would work on finishing some projects, so I did. I finished some socks. I finished the Basalt Tank…again. I say that because I had already finished it and worn it once, but there was a little issue that I needed to fix. A year later and I finally did it.

I did CO a new pair of socks today for Tattoo Boyfriend. I had to take the monsters to the vet and needed a project to carry along. I am almost done with the first foot, but I am wiped out from all that kitty wrangling, so I am going to take a nap instead of a picture.
And now you know the REAL reason for no pics on WIPs today…oh well…I like the Basalt Tank.
Pattern: Basalt Tank – Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughn
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton
Needles: ummm…I don’t remember…whatever the pattern called for, I got gauge and off I went.
Issues: There is errata for this pattern. Hell, for this whole book. That 6″ tail I wove in under BOTH underarms?? worked itself out when I was at dinner the first time I wore it. I just fixed that.
It was a nice knit. I enjoyed it. I looked good in it.

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tristitia August 2, 2007 at 3:39 pm

Very cool tank – I can’t believe that I didn’t really take notice of it in the book. For myself, I think I’d have to add a few hexagons (or whatever they are) in the front and back to cover up my belly and behind!

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