Space bags, space bags, itty bitty space ba

by Aimee on August 29, 2007

Have you ever thought that you needed more room to store yarn? Well, with the upcoming move, I new that hauling all my yarn out to KC was going to be a challenge, but I am of course up to it. I had my roving in on rubbermaid. Sock yarn in another. Yarn remainders in another. Novelty-ish yarn in yet another and worsted weight wools in the final one. Yeah. That is a lot of bins. That doesn’t count the GIANT one upstairs that hasn’t been gone through. Just downstairs in those bins I have over 42000 yards of yarn and a couple pounds of roving. I am understating the amounts out of embarrassment.
A few weeks ago I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a box of assorted space bag sizes. I did not realize how big the damn extra-large space bag was.

That bag comes up to my waist. Seriously. And in that bag I got all of my roving, handspun and sock yarn. It is heavy.

Those would be my stairs. It is stuffed full.

Want to know what it looks like AFTER the sucking out of the air???? Well…
Holy cow!

Yeah. I think all of my yarn will be moved in space bags. *heads off to buy more*

Last up…its the yarn that Kathy won! I finally got around to posting a pic of it. YAY ME!

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