Its too hot!!

by Aimee on August 8, 2007

Batteries in the camera are dead. Didn’t realize they were the last set in the house. Too frakkin hot to leave the house for batteries. If I had realized this yesterday when I was out…*sigh*

WIPs are coming along nicely. FiFi is coming along. Cabled Cardie is still in the black hole of knitting doom. Boyfriend sock 1 is almost done. I haven’t worked on anything else.

Even with the AC on, it is hot hot hot. I mean the heat index is something like 5 billion today. OK – 106 or something. I think the high today was 99. I don’t know, since I work from home (thank you to the best employer EVER!!!) I don’t actually have to go out in it. Hence no batteries. Hence no pictures. Hence sadness.

Eva is sitting next to me. She wants to be in my lap, but it is too hot to have a fat hairball on me.

Ummmm….nothing else much going on. Just knitting when it isn’t too hot (Monday night I was so hot I only knit 2 rows and then went to bed.) Sometimes just being still with the fan on and the AC running and being lazy is what a nice southern night calls for.

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Michelle August 9, 2007 at 2:49 pm

You never lied!!! It is HOT out there! I went out for lunch and had to come right back in….Its so hot I almost do not want to leave air conditioning at work, go outside in the HEAT, get in the car with air conditioning, and the get back out in the HEAT!

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