by Aimee on August 4, 2007

I read on Bezzie‘s blog that there is a cool contest about vacation stories over at Calling on Kalho, so I figure this is a good time to talk about that. I am guessing that most people will recount a vacation from their childhood, but not me. Sure, I have GREAT memories of childhood vacations to Disneyworld (which were then eclipsed by the fact that we moved to Orlando, so Disney lost it’s luster) and Niagra Falls. Or the years we went camping or my trip to London and Paris.

I, however, had my favorite vacation 2 summers ago. Just two? Why? Well, lets begin the begin, shall we?

Every year there is a convention in Atlanta called Dragon*Con. A few years before I went with a group of friends for the first time. I skipped the next year and then went again in 2005 with some other friends. Andy and his wife Mel, Cheri, Gen, Charles, my friend Larry, Jeff and some others from all over the country headed to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. Cheri, Gen and I shared a room full of giggly girls and we were off to have one hell of a drunken weekend. I mean we were drunk the first night.

On Saturday, Gen and I decided to wait in line (forever) to see the cast of the Firefly movie, Serenity which was coming out in just a few weeks (I had already seen it at a screening – that isn’t the point). Behind us in line, there was a guy. He was hot. HOLYMOTHEROFGODHEWASHOT!!! I was, of course, knitting. A lace scarf in fucking mohair as a matter of fact which I kept having to rip back since I was trying to watch him out of the corner of my eye. He talked to my group of friends, but when the line moved, we lost him. He claimed later I ran away from him. He lies, I looked for him.

I lement that I have not seen him again. Did I mention he was HOT?

Gen spots him on Sunday across a crowded hotel lobby. She yells at him. He thinks it is me yelling at him. He comes over. He hangs out. He is, as you have guessed, Tattoo Boyfriend. We hung out until about 3 am. We had drinks. Some random guy in a bar who claimed he was a judge from San Fran there for business with his sife (re: hooker) said we made a really cute couple. He passed all of the potential dating questions. He bought water for me when I was thirsty. He joked, he laughed, he shared. We had an immediate attraction.

There was an embarrassing little incident in the dealers room involving a guy at the bondage booth oversharing about his carpal tunnel and a certain pair of bondage cuffs he can stay in for hours. I was MORTIFIED that this guy was telling me this as I stood next to the HOTTEST GUY EVER TO TALK TO ME. I attract things like this. He said he had no idea I was mortified, but really when we got into the 10th minute of this guy’s life…it was too much.

We parted late that night with the possibility of breakfast the next day and Gen and I walked back to our hotel. My phone had died earlier in the evening, so when we got back to the hotel I plugged it in and was listening to VM when he CALLED. He wanted to tell me he had a great time and wanted to make sure we got back ok. Then we had breakfast in the morning. It was the best french toast EVER (and I have a deep deep love for french toast). He ordered the same thing I did. I smiled.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun, but those few days are a blur of happiness and excitement. Now, 2 years later, we are getting ready to head down to Atlanta again. I am getting ready to move to Kansas City so we can be together full time and none of this 2 city business.

And to think, at the last minute BOTH of us almost didn’t go. Funny how those things work out. Now, here is a picture of that trip that he is in, but you can’t see him…hahahaha. He hates to have his pic taken, and since I can’t seem to locate that pic at the moment…there are none. hahahaha. OK – I am a meanie. Sorry. He is very private and doesn’t really like it when I talk about him, so shhhhh…he doesn’t read this blog or listen to the podcast. mostly because he hears enough about fiber at home already.

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Calling on Kahlo August 5, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Wow, what a romantic story and the moments of embarassment just make it better.

I just looked up Dragon con, I will have to look into this with DH. Ironically, we are heading to Atlanta but in August.

Thanks for participating in the contest!

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