WIP Wednesday – A Case of Startitis!

by Aimee on July 18, 2007

First up this week we have the Mystery Stole 3. Yes, I am a silly silly knitter knitting black lace weight while sitting on a black couch and usually wearing black pants or a black skirt.

See that pink line there? It is the end of Clue 1. I am now 14 rows into Clue 2 and that was all today. I have been having some issues with the left eye and so knitting lace has been harder than usual – I had planned to work on this all day Sunday. Yeah. Notice how while pretty it looks a bit muddled in the middle near my pinkie finger down there? Here’s to blocking!!!! KaidydidKnits and Cristi have great pics of their Mystery Stoles up too. Lets see, what do we have next? It isn’t the Pinwheel because it still looks like it did last week. I know I know, I should have worked on it. But instead I cast on the Elizbeth Bennett Cardigan from Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter. I have mentioned my great love of this book before and right after I got it I found Cascade Cloud 9 (50/50 Angora/Merino – what the pattern calls for) at almost 50% off. So I bought the yarn and it has been sitting in my stash.

Look at the collar. I really love the seed stitch followed with that peral ridge. This is echoed later in the pattern as well. Hmmmm…something seems to be missing. I wonder what it could be. I guess you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

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