The best laid plans of mice and men…

by Aimee on July 1, 2007

I had such lofty goals for today.

1) Knit Chart B of Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole
2) Work on Candleflame.
3) Bloack Lacey Lamb
4) Finishing sleeve one of the pinwheel with the loop edge.
5) spin the last bit of the roving I am working with
6) work on the dream swatch
7) house cleaning
8) spend some time with the kitties.
9) Announce the winner of the midway point for the sqaures contest at Crafting for a Cause.

Here is what I have done.
1) knit 6 rows of chart B of Clue 1 of the mystery Stole. Yeah. When I got to row 6 and I decided to knit all the way back instead of purl all but the 2 end stitches I decided my head wasn’t in the right place for lace knitting today.
2) Sleep. A lot. I went to bed at 11:30, slept in this morning and then took a nice afternoon nap after #1.
3) Spent time with the kitties. WOOHOO I got something on my list done.
4) Watched 5 episodes of Knitty Gritty. Want to know how many I have to go? Well, when I counted them on my DVR I stopped at 30. I am not rewatching ones I have already seen, but I will watch unseen ones even if I have no interest in the projects because I tend to learn something new every show.
5) Well, I had gone several days without a chocolate milkshake and I had to remedy that.
6) Got caught up on blogs.
7) Got the Crafting for a Cause midway winner for the Squares Contest announced. (Hey – that is something else from my list!!!!)
8) Got a couple repeats into the dreamswatch headwrap.

Now, the good thing is that it isn’t quite 8pm and I have 3 hours to accomplish more. I am currently spending a few minutes with Eva curled up with me while I type this, thus accomplishing more kittie time. And maybe I will spin during The Next Food Network Star tonight. I really want to finish this last bit of roving so I can post it tomorrow. I will post it anyway, but I am really close to being done, although Wednesday is spinning night, so I can finish it then. hmmmm…I really want to go see Live Free or Die Hard. I hear there is a lot of blowing up of stuff. I like movies where there is a lot of blowing up of stuff. Not to mention I think Bruce Willis is HAWT!!! hmmmm…if I have to guess though I am going to say that I will be lazy the rest of the day as tomorrow looks to be crazy and zany at the office.

I think Wendy had a similar title recently. But I have to say that I say that any time I have a list of things to do and then accomplish not a damn one of them.

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