Oh wow! Thank you for your kindness!!!

by Aimee on July 15, 2007

Yesterday I spent most of my day at the yarn shop. It was nice. After, I went to Qdoba for dinner. In that shopping complex there is a shop, Jewelology, where you can make your own jewelry. When I was looking for beads, the mean bead lady never mentioned this shop as one I could go to. Of course they don’t carry size 8 seed beads either, but she would have ORDERED them for me.


I came in and was greeted right away. (Good sign). The owner, Jennifer, came over and then asked me if she could help me find something. I was looking for toggles and she pointed me to them (because I asked her to “Please point me in the direction of toggles”) and I thanked her. She checked on me a couple more times and when I was ready I recounted to her my other bead store experience. She immediately knew which shop I was speaking of, but NEVER said the name. She was all class. Sweet, adorable and I love her shop!!!! In fact, I think I am going to take a class in how to make a necklace just because I like to support local people and while I don’t NEED another addiction, I would love to support her shop!

So – here is the info on her shop if you are in the Charlotte area or ever find yourself here. Or want to email her to see if she can get something for you and will ship.

Park Town Village
1630 Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte NC 28209

And if you are in the area and want to join me for a class, let me know!!!!!

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