I don’t just dream of socks!

by Aimee on July 24, 2007

I admit it. I dream about knitting all the time. ALL THE TIME. And the sock nightmare is not the only one I have had about knitting. I have another one for you. Just as recent. And this one I blame on The Panopticon! His recent lace knitting has had me really thinking about some future projects. And he had a mean lace nightmare that I think triggered this one.

I was in a house and there was a young child. This young child was beautiful. And not mine. In this child’s possession was a small aquarium with 6 beautiful goldfish. They were actually the multicolored ones. They looked like goldfish, but were purples, blues and black. They were talented fish as well in that they would leap to the surface for their food. I should note that I somehow managed to kill 2 of these fish. Or I thought I had, but they were apparently sleeping. (The inside of my head is a strange place)

This child also had 2 beautiful handknit items. One was a small blanket that someone must have knit for her with love. The other was a lace shawl of some sort. It was large and square. Not really something you would gift to a child for every day use. She also had a small black suitcase full of beautiful little girl clothes. Dresses and shoes. Tops and skirts. She was a girlie girl and adorable.

Yet, this child was of an age that she was fully potty trained and fully aware of pretty much everything. She was precious and precocious. Then I went into the bathroom and realized the had used it. Fine. And tried to flush. Fine. But her beautiful white lace was in the toilet. Fine. It can be cleaned. I go to retrieve the lovely lace, but as I reach the toilet she comes forward and flushes the toilet again. I grab for the lace and struggle to keep it from swirling into the depths. Being destroyed. I paniced. I pulled. This lace was seriously probably the strongest handknit I have EVER encountered for it to have taken all this abuse.

I notice that it is bulky and that her blanket is wrapped in the center of the lace. Apparently this child is evil to the core and trying to destroy all the pretty knitting. (See this is how I know she isn’t mine! Mine will be evil, but they will grow up with a respect for knitting. Some people teach their children respect for things like alcohol, guns, the really expensive figurine things – mine will learn knitting respect in the womb!)

I eventually managed to rescue the knitting and there was no damage, but it was stressful and I think I woke up sweating and swearing. I am sure there is some deeper meaning to my dream, but I don’t want to even begin to analyze it. All I know is that I am glad there are no evil children destroying knitting in my immediate area.
To help combat the trauma of this telling, here is a picture of my sweet boy, Rozz with Knithulhu. He is, of course, not impressed as he is not allowed to touch the knitting so he just ignores it in favor of sitting in mommy’s lap and snuggling.

Isn’t he a handsome boy?

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