And there goes tonights plans

by Aimee on July 12, 2007

I should be knitting the Mystery Stole, but my hands hurt, so no. A bit fiddly.

I should be knitting Tomatoe, but my hands hurt, so no. Cotton. not so easy on the hands.

At 30, I should not have such bad arthritis. I am tired of it. I want it to go away. There are days when I can barely move them. Typing hurts, but that isn’t as fiddly or difficult. I am back on the lupus meds already, we shall see if I need to go on the super nasty ones or not (we hope not – oh please no!)

I just want to knit and spin. I think I am just going to go to bed. I did just wake up from a 3 hour nap of happiness. It was a stressful day today. The kitties went to the vet. They hate me now, but they will get over it.

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