Knit Picks Options…come to mama!

by Aimee on June 17, 2007

I just bought a set of Knit Picks Options. These have been on the covet list for awhile even though I love my Denise Needles. The dainty cables are teeny in comparison to my Denise Needles and while I don’t expect I will love these more, I think I will love them just as much. These are metal and have a pointer tip for better lace work. Plus the smaller cables will allow for magic loop in socks more easily than the denise. Plus they start as size 4 rather than 5. And now you know the real reason I finally did it. There is a set of bamboo interchangeables out there – but I WILL NOT buy them no matter how tiny the case is and how much I think I want them. 2 interchangeable needle sets are more than enough.

I think I want to knit the Mystery Stole 3 on size 4 needles. I haven’t done a swatch yet, but in looking at the list it looks like the others in my yarn are knitting on a 4. I have Addis in a 4. They are on a pair of socks at the moment. And they don’t have a cool hole for a lifeline to carry through while you knit as the Options and Denise do. So, there you have it. I had to have them. My beads should be here this week, and my needles late this week early next. I have some other things to work on, so its ok if I don’t swatch until next week now that I am over yesterday’s hump.

I am sure that after working with the new needles a bit I will write up a comparison. Though as I have said, I don’t expect these to replace my lovely Denise Needles, which I bought for myself for christmas going on like 5 years ago…yes, I learned to knit and then bought myself the Denise needles in that first year. It really has kept me from having to buy a million other needles.

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Virtuous June 17, 2007 at 8:32 pm

Look forward to the comparison. I have read other blogs about them.

Enjoy your week!

Amy June 18, 2007 at 4:12 am

I would love to hear how they rate next to Denise. I like my Denise, but my friend Karen wants a set and I want to compare before I decide to get her a set for her birthday.

Also … how the heck did you get the WIP bars on your blog? I have looked everywhere for instructions, and can not find them to save my life!


Thea_Midnight June 18, 2007 at 9:20 am

I have a set of Knit Picks that I bought to use for Mobius knitting. The cables are slender so the stitches slide around easily. So far so good on my ultramerino, lacy mobius scarf.

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