Good customer service

by Aimee on June 28, 2007

Just recently I had a full on melt down over bad customer service. I have to say that all that was redeemed today. No – I didn’t go back to the damn bead shop from hell. I went to Quiznos. If you don’t have those near you – well, find one – but it is a sub place known for toasting everything.

Now – I am really weird about toasted bread, so I usually go to Subway cause I like Subway, The Boy LOVES subway, and they don’t look at me weird when I ask them not to toast my sub.

BUT – Quiznos has this thing called the Double Cheese Melt. It is double 2 kinds of cheese with red wine vinegrette, tomato and onion and lettuce. Now, I get mine without onion and lettuce. I don’t like onions and I am REALLY picky about lettuce (for instance, I don’t eat iceburg lettuce – because it has no nutritional value – but I digress). I took the car out for gas since the temp outside is now only 85 (down from the 3 million it was when I went to the doc today) and decided to run over to Quiznos for dinner. I could taste my doctored up grown up grilled cheese all melty and yummy. It was mine for the having.

Except…it isn’t on the menu anymore. WHAT???? You took away my Double Cheese Melt??? Now – I was prepared to just order turkey and cheese and not toasted (even though they would look at me funny) but the very nice lady said – we have everything for it, so we will make it. And as long as we have it we will keep making it if you ask for it. To make a short story very long…I got my Double Cheese Melt. They were SO nice about it! They apologized that it was off the menu. They apologized that it took them a minute to make it (the owner’s daughter just started working there and didn’t know how to make it, so the owner made it for me). They were SO sweet.

Thank you, Quiznos, for reminding me that not all places have crap for customer service. You made me a very happy girl tonight!

And because Stacey likes pics here is the last tattoo I got – it is just over a year old. Next one is coming soon, but not sure what it will be yet. most people didn’t even know I had it until I cut my hair a couple weeks ago.

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Virtuous June 28, 2007 at 10:43 pm

WHOA! :o ) See now you are trying to spoil me! Haha!

Who the heck did you get to take that pic from the back?!

Aah yeah that was sweet of them to still make your fav sandwhich.

I still can get Dairy Queen to dip my dill bars in cherry even though it is not a menu option anymore! ;o)

Going the extra mile means alot!!

Hey I will be at CY this Saturday will you be too?

funfairiegirl June 28, 2007 at 10:53 pm

I took that pic of the back of my neck. it took a bunch of tries. but when you live alone and you are in your pjs you do what you gotta do!!!

Christi and I are going up to Earthguild in Asheville this Saturday since she is off. Sorry!!!

DQ will also make a chocolate covered cherry blizzard if you ask even though it isn’t on the menu :)

robin July 4, 2007 at 10:17 am

Cool tattoo!! The Quizno’s story is definitely a great example of good customer service – why can’t every place be like that?

Thanks for the friending on Ravelry – I also added you to my friend list!

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