Episode 5 – I bought (almost) no yarn!!

by Aimee on May 6, 2007

Show notes (woohoo!!) You can listen to the show via iTunes, the little link in the upper right of this blog or at fairieknits.podhoster.com

You can email me at fairieknits@gmail.com if you would like.
Excel spreadsheet came from katydidknits.

Candleflame Shawl from knitpicks.com – I will have this displayed at charlotte yarn eventually
Pinwheel sweater from elann.com
Lacey Lamb Shawl out of Jade Saphirre Lacey Lamb

Scrap project
April – 7 eyelash scarves for the Mary Read Memorial KAL and 12 Warm Up America squares
May 2 scareves for the Mary Read Memorial KAL

New Techniques
Magic Loop – thank you to knittinghelp.com for the video! I will use this for the Bellocq Stockings.

What I got!!!
KIP bag from knitpicks.com
Lace blocking tools from knitpicks
LnV sock yarn
Malabrigo in Sealing Wax (I think)
Midnight Sky Fibers yarn
COMICS from Speaker

Webs Sale through end of May

thank yous
Comments – I really appreciate all of the kind words and thoughts
Amanda at Knitting Psychos podcast for mentioning my podcast

Charity Knitting
Crafting for a Cause at 350 items as of today! YAY!!!!! Would like 750 as a community by the end of June – I totally think we can do this!
Warm With Love creator Robyn ROCKS and will be profiling us! this site is a database of charity knitting opportunities. check her out! she will be collecting charity knitting at the Lime n Violet sleepover.
Mary Read Memorial KAL
Knitting for Virginia Tech

I may take a spinning class at Rainy Day Creations next weekend.

I am destashing some yarn for a friend – and eventually for me – over on ebay - right now I have some karabella magic up.

Random Pimpage
Again thank you to Robert of Bobville.com who fixed my audio for me. He does audio, websites, etc. contact him if you have needs…he whores his talents for money. And yes, he actually told me that today. He has some AMAZING work and I recently voiced something for him that will eventually come out.

TV2M continues. I apologize in advance for episode 4 – the one where Speaker and PAMELA got drunk. *sigh*

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Virtuous May 7, 2007 at 6:02 am

Girl I have been e-mailing you at your aabernaty account and you never reply back to me!

Check it and then I will start using your fairie one since that is the one on your blog now!

Cara May 7, 2007 at 9:02 pm

Hey, chica! It’s Cara. I thought I’d check out your podcast even though I don’t know a damn thing about knitting. It is taking me too much energy to click on the actual podcast tonight, so I will have to save it for another day. BUT, katydidknits lives in my same town!!

Colleen May 16, 2007 at 12:40 pm

Hi again! I was listening to your podcast & had a comment but now that I’m at the computer, I can’t remember it. Story of my life.
I do enjoy your conversational tone. You keep focused enough on yarn stuff for me.
I “accidently” learned how to do magic loop. I took a 1 session class about an entrelac bag & they said to bring a 40″ circular needle. That was way too long. A 27″ would have been better. As I was fighting with too few stitches on too long a cord a loop popped out on it’s own. The phrase “magic loop” came to my mind so I kept knitting with it that way. It was easier than the way I had been doing it but I wound up just transferring to a shorter needle.

Keep up the good work & good luck with the move.

PS: Do you have a button or graphic for the show? I was adding buttons with links to the podcasts I listen to & couldn’t find one for you.

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