my iPod hurts today

by Aimee on April 30, 2007

In the category of “research” I listen to podcasts. This is really because I can. I like to listen to people talk about knitting and I listen to a LOT of knitting podcasts. The thing is, that many of these have been going on for awhile and I am trying to start at the beginning (well, I listen to the most recent epi and then start at the beginning because a lot of GOOD information comes out of podcasts. Now, I think I broke my itunes, I currently have 110 unlistened to podcasts on my ipod. I think it is screaming at me to get some off. And I am doing the best I can, but for everyone I listen to, I seem to find another 5 episodes somewhere else. I was down to about 60 after my trip to LA, but that was a month ago and I have just been downloading like a crazy woman.

I am current on all the blogs I read. Bloglines is a savior!!

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