Books I have mentioned in the podcast

by Aimee on March 23, 2007

OK – there has been a request that I post information on the books I reviewed. I will start real show notes with the next show. But – here are the books I have mentioned. Or at least the ones I remember mentioning.

I really like this book. It is full of inspirational stories and paterns. I am currently working on Warm Up America squares and Project Snuggles blankets.

This is one of the best sections on fitting a knit item to your measurements that I have seen. I REALLY like it. There are several things in here that I want to knit, too.

I am afraid this one has gotten lost in the shuffle of some other books I have gotten in, but I really enjoyed what I flipped through and there are several things I will knit from this.

And now for a non-pattern book. This book has some great moments and really has a good feeling overall. I enjoyed it. Would I have bought it if I had checked it out from the library? I don’t know, but I have it and I will keep it. I found that the growth of the relationships in the book made me want to finish it.

So here is the deal – if you use a link I have up then I get some sort of credit. That credit will go to the show – either to buy books, yarn or pay for hosting fees. Just thought I would let you know. If there is something you want to get and you want to support the show, let me know and I will get a link for you.

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