Babies Babies Everywhere!

by Aimee on July 31, 2006

Well, we welcomed Sweet Baby James into the world. We as in the extended family of the internets and of course I HAD to knit something for the baby boy. I mean up to now I have only been knitting for the Perfect Baby Niece Mary Catherine (who is being baptized this weekend in Raleigh, so there will be pictures!)

I promise pics soon, but since I started this silly silly post on 7/31 and I am just now getting back to it…no pics today. I swear I have some. So, what have I been knitting? Well, a couple hats finished up and a pair of socks. A purse. Some baby stuff, a couple other things I am sure. Oh – I knit the Basalt Tank from Knitting Nature and thanks to the Errata, it wasn’t as bad as others experiences. I am swatching up some Cascade cherub collection DK weight yarn for sock wars which starts tomorrow. How exciting!!!

Ummm…i will really update with pics and all here soon. I am just throwing this out there so that I don’t feel so guilty. I will have to go read my personal journal to make sure I include all the knitting goodness of the last couple months!

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